DEKRA is a leading vehicle inspection company in Europe with operations in around 50 countries worldwide. Every year they conduct more than 26 million car inspections. Naturally, a reliable and well-functioning booking and inspection system is a must for the daily operative business at DEKRA Sweden.



Since the booking & inspection system is such a central part of the business, a totally reliable system with great functionality is crucial. The system must always be available, and all functionality should be thoroughly tested and work impeccable at all times. In addition, it is very important that new functionality can be added quickly to meet new legal obligations or requirements from the business or the customers.

DEKRA wanted a supplier that could take responsibility for support, maintenance and further development of their booking & inspection system. They needed a partner with experience from similar applications and a great focus on quality, and with enough capacity to meet the tough requirements they have.


DEKRA chose Sigma as their supplier of application management. A tailored team based on DEKRA’s specific needs for specialists, experience and capacity, was put together. In addition, structures were created for roles, responsibilities and routines for operations and strategic management. Tools for planning and follow-up, as well as SLA to define availability and response time, were agreed upon.


With Sigma as a partner, DEKRA has secured a booking & inspection system that can be regarded one of the most reliable and modern within their branch of industry. Even members of staff talk about the system as extremely stable and regard it one of the advantages of working with DEKRA. Furthermore, there is also a great external interest in the system and many people are curious and eager to find out more – a nice and positive side effect, according to DEKRA.

– Why we chose Sigma? We think Sigma is a very structured and professional partner. They always make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently, says Staffan Grandin, technical manager and head of quality at DEKRA Automotive.


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