A lot of things make us proud. Tailoring tomorrow is our guiding principle. Put into practice, we bring you the solutions that turn you into a winner on the digital arena today - while getting you ready for making a better society tomorrow.

Take a look at some of the recent, challenging solutions that have made us particularly proud.


DEKRA’s booking & inspection system must always be available, thoroughly tested and ready for new functionality. Thanks to Sigma’s application management, DEKRA now has one of the most reliable and modern booking systems within their branch of industry.

This app will give you access to all of the online services such as updates on backed up traffic, accidents, surveillance cameras, road conditions and commuter parking.

Aros Kapital

Aros Kapital needed flexible systems that could meet the demands of both large and small businesses, where customers themselves could indicate how they wanted the services to be set up instead of letting the systems control the delivery.


A web application was developed with real-time processing of data, alarm management, audit trail, object management, limit values and delays, reports, process data logging, system administration, and notification by email.


Anticimex was looking for a supplier and a long-term partner who was not only able to deliver specific qualifications, but also step in during peak periods and quickly get to work with an understanding of what needed to be done.


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