A team of specialists who is ready to run your entire development department – or parts of it. It’s your call.


From time to time it might be a good idea to let somebody else run the development department for you. In its whole or some parts of it. You don’t need to have the specifics all worked out in your head. That’s our job to find out. You tell us what you need and we listen – carefully. Asking the right questions, analysing the current situation and pinpointing future challenges. Then, we get to work, meticulously putting together a team of top-notch specialists. Yes, our colleagues are exactly that: specialists.

Your very own team is now ready, standing by with all the competences and tools necessary to face the next challenge with you: creating solutions that will make you an irrefutable winner on the digital arena.


We get it. The need for a helping hand in your projects is not constant, it changes. This is why our teams are made for easy scaling up or down as you move along. Flexible, customized and smart. Simple.

Working with MyTeam makes a lot of things easier. For one, you no longer have to handle and coordinate several suppliers at the same time. And, if you want to, we will also make sure that all of your applications are synchronized. But, again. It’s up to you.

These are only a couple of the reasons why we have been able to keep long, stable and happy relationships with our clients.


A lot of people out there work in teams, but not all are as successful at it as we have become. There is something very special about the team spirit, the internal culture at MyTeam. Our clients notice it when they come to visit, they feel it at our meetings, and they see the result of it in our deliveries. Our specialists are the safe keepers and ambassadors of our team spirit. At all times. It is a way of working with a tangible sense of pride and security that is passed down from our colleagues to our clients. To you.


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Jonas Wollinger
Senior Director
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