We deliver dedicated system development and maintenance services.

System development

We provide the development of tailor-made systems, taking responsibility for the end results within on agreed timeframes and budgets.

We work collaboratively and closely with you to develop a solution that reflects your IT strategy, your context and your users.. Using innovative digital technology, we help you drive growth and profitability in your business.

For each assignment we put together a dedicated team of the specialists you need. We support you through all phases of the project, from preliminary discovery and specification, through design and development, to acceptance testing and commissioning.


As a natural extension to the launch of any new system, MyTeam also offers support, management and further development. In addition, we can also take over the management of existing systems that you no longer want to manage on your own or where you need to  find a new support partner.

The same team who built the new system will be responsible for support, management and further development. This will preserve the knowledge the team has built up about your business, users and system.

Our work is performed in line with standard processes and roles. Through our case management system, you will have access to the current status of all ongoing tasks as well as a full history for all completed cases.


Do you need to go even further and outsource all or part of your development function to an external supplier? For example,  you may want to focus on other parts of your business, or that you might not yet big enough to run your own development department.

MyTeam offers an "external development department" for these situations. A team that is shaped based on your specific needs. The team can be scaled up and down over time due to fluctuations in workload.

By having a single partner for all system development, you will avoid the work of managing and coordinating multiple suppliers. It also gives us the opportunity to take responsibility for all your applications and develop a deep knowledge of your business, people and needs.


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